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2017 – An Update on Mack & Jack
As much as we have loved having Mack & Jack at Libby Bortz, they have moved to a new home. 

Second Chances and Happy Outcomes – Read more about the happy and heartwarming story of how Jack and Mack came to call Libby Bortz Assisted Living their home.

Jack and Mack, our two very handsome big black and white cats lost one home, but went on to a new life at Libby Bortz Assisted Living. These two brothers were born in a suburban Denver back yard in 2005. Their mom, a stray, had found a protected area under a bush to deliver her litter of four. The property owner took the mom and kittens inside and care for them for several months, finally bringing Jack and Mack to the Cat Care Society (CCS).

cats-4_1.5They were adopted together four days later and spent six happy years in the home of the adopting couple and their teenage son. But in July 2011, Jack and Mack were returned to CCS when the family was struggling with an assortment of challenges and could no longer care for them …

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