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2 wonderful benches with plaques were purchased to celebrate and honor our 20 year Anniversary and they give Libby Bortz residents a wonderful place to sit.

After eight years of planning, Libby Bortz Assisted Living Center opened its doors in January 1994.

In 2014, Libby Bortz Assisted Living celebrated its 20th Anniversary with two events. The first was a special luncheon in October to honor our Littleton resident namesake, Libby Bortz and one of our original residents, Virginia Chynoweth who continues to reside at the community. The second event in October was a special celebration where we invited guests to share their stories and connections to the Libby Bortz Assisted Living community.

The Libby Bortz Assisted Living Center has a fascinating history tied to the Littleton, Colorado community. In the late 1980’s the community and the Littleton Housing Authority (now known as South Metro Housing Options) recognized that many older adults needed assistance with activities of daily living but not a skilled nursing environment.


Virginia Chynoweth who continues to reside at the community and Littleton resident namesake, Libby Bortz, the Littleton resident the property is named for, attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration.

At that time there were few affordable assisted living locations in the Denver area and none in the Littleton area. Also in the 1980’s Littleton Housing Authority had experience with developing senior independent living locations but not the assisted living model. The Libby Bortz Assisted Living Center is the result of the Littleton Housing Authority, people serving on their board and members in the Littleton community bringing together their experience to create an assisted living center for modest-income older adults. The Center was funded using tax credits, tax exempt bonds and seed money invested by the Littleton Housing Authority.