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Littleton’s Hidden Treasure is  Libby Bortz Assisted Living. Our wonderful property is nestled in charming downtown Littleton so its residents and families enjoy the best of both worlds – A small town feel in the heart of the city.

Many may not realize that there is a unique and special history about the services that Libby Bortz Assisted Living brings to the Denver metro area. Libby Bortz Assisted Living was built in 1994. The Center is a collaborative success for the Littleton community, which cooperated with the Littleton Housing Authority in addressing affordable housing for older adults needing some assistance.

Libby Bortz, was a local community member, Littleton resident and social worker. She was pivotal in recognizing the needs of modest-income adults over the age of 62 to have an affordable assisted living option. In appreciation of her many years of service and volunteering to the Littleton Housing Authority and the community, Libby Bortz Assisted Living was named in her honor.